A bunch of lilies as floral home fragrance

little something extra. It is so delightful when a hint of floral scent tickles your nose while you sit and read (or check your phone). It really makes you feel at home.

Personalised home fragrance

Which lily best matches your interior? With subtly scented lilies, you can enhance the airy, romantic look of a country-style interior. If you prefer luxury and warmth, opt for a mix of intensely fragrant lilies. Needless to say, feel free to take a completely different approach, as fragrance is very personal.

Mix & match

Fragrant lilies combine nicely with other flowers of the season, to create a different atmosphere in your home every time. It is best to combine fragrant lilies with seasonal flowers that don’t smell as strongly or at all, such as dahlias or gladioli. This allows the lovely floral scent of lilies to play first fiddle. For bouquet inspiration, visit www.ilsysays.com.

Tips & ideas:

  • Not all lilies are fragrant. Ask your florist which lilies are fragrant and which are not, or very subtly, fragranced.
  • Place a fragrant lily in a vase in your home office. You can also add a touch of floral fragrance to the bathroom, hallway and stairwell with just a single flower.
  • If you have bought your bunch of fragrant lilies, cut a piece off the stems when you get home and remove the lower leaves. Then place the flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh water and some cut flower food. In this way, you will enjoy your floral home fragrance for a long time.