A do-it-yourself spring wit bulbs in pots and bulb flowers

A do-it-yourself spring wit bulbs in pots and bulb flowers

With pre-planted bulbs in pots and bulb flowers, you can give spring a little nudge. On the dining table, the window sill and why not even in the china cabinet?! Let the bright colors of bulbs in pots inspire you to bring springtime into your home before it even starts outside.

Elegance from a simple source

It’s hard to imagine that such a simple flower bulb could produce such an elegant flower! No matter how many times it happens, it’s always fascinating to watch. Bulbs in pots let you watch this little miracle from a few inches away. Be enchanted by the captivating deep-blue colors and refreshing sweet fragrances of bulb flowers like grape hyacinths.

Transforming a room with pretty accents

During this gloomy time of year, colors can really transform a room. Mixing vibrant with pastel colors is all the rage this year. The crazier the color combination, the better. For an instant makeover of any room, try something like grape hyacinths, hyacinths and daffodils in brightly colored little pots.

Recharge your batteries

Pre-planted bulbs in pots add both color and energy. Get creative with tulips: choose ones in really vivid colors like hot pink, canary yellow and orange. For even more visual impact, choose flowers with vibrant colors and pots in the same colors.

Decorating tip: Create strong color contrasts. Examples? Hot pink hyacinths against a bright blue wall, or brilliant purple tulips against a canary yellow wall. Recharge your batteries!

A little pot filled with Mother Nature

Bulbs themselves may be rather plain, but it’s such fun to watch them grow both upward and downward. From the top of the bulb, the stems grow taller and taller and the flowers become larger and larger. The roots are interesting too: they seem to find their way around any obstacle they meet. It’s simply fascinating to watch how nature works. See for yourself by making your own little pot filled with Mother Nature. Place various kinds of pre-planted bulbs in pots, like grape hyacinths and hyacinths, in a single large glass pot, and then watch them develop as nature intended.

When and how?

Pre-planted bulbs in pots are available until around the month of April. Bulbs in pots don’t require much care: just put them in a pretty spot (not too close to the heating or in full sun) and give them a sip of water once a week.