A festive wedding with trendy flowers

A festive wedding with trendy flowers

Marriage is a special moment in life, so this is why a wedding is so personal. One couple would prefer a casual, informal atmosphere, while another wants a very traditional look. Trendy flowers like irises, calla lilies and gladioli make any wedding a festive occasion and right in line with today’s fashion requirements.

The bridal bouquet: absolutely essential

A bride should be radiantly beautiful on her wedding day! The bouquet she carries says something special about her. A uniquely shaped and colorful lily bouquet, for example, would be the perfect choice for a lady with a sparkling personality. A traditionally arranged bouquet of calla lilies in pastel colors would be ideal for a more quiet, subdued bride. Actually, a wonderful bouquet can be created for every bride.


Flowers are what make the wedding venue truly festive because flowers make everyone happy. They provide the location with a cheerful look and can be used in a multitude of ways. Before the dinner begins, place a single calla lily and iris tied together with a ribbon on each plate. Everyone will feel welcome at the table. Or place heart-shaped decorations made from irises, gladioli and calla lilies at attractive spots in the room to symbolise the theme of the day. After all, you want to make both your guests and yourself feel welcome! To do this, you can create a special gateway of large-flowering lilies through which everyone can walk when they arrive.

The cake-cutting ceremony

The cutting of the wedding cake is always a special moment during a wedding. So why not make it a truly unique moment? Use gladioli and irises to decorate the cake. Or make a whole wedding cake out of lilies – what could be more special than that?

Flowers in her hair

The use of colorful flowers such as calla lilies, gladioli and irises in the bride’s hair not only provide a wonderful fragrance but also serve as the finishing touch to a hairdo. For the bride, choose a somewhat larger floral decoration in colours that match her dress. For the groom, attach a smaller floral decoration to his hat to make the bridal couple a matched set.


Everyone should notice that this is a momentous occasion – a wedding, after all – even when you’re sitting in the car between one festivity and the next. Passers-by often smile at the sight of two people that they know are getting married. If you want a real eye-catcher for the car, place a heart-shaped flower arrangement made of wide-open lilies nonchalantly across one side of the bonnet, or put a mixed floral arrangement of lilies and calla lilies right in the middle of it.

For a wow effect

Couples getting married are pampered with gifts – many gifts. Beautiful, personal gifts that guests give for a happy future together. Pretty wrapping paper adds to the festive look of a gift. For a delightful wow effect, decorate your gift with a gorgeous lily.