A fresh start with summer flowers

Are you ready for a ‘fresh start’? Many people are experiencing an urge to start anew after a long period of negativity. Flowers are amazing at setting a fresh and uncluttered atmosphere.


These days, we see our homes in a different light: the house is multifunctional and also serves as a place of relaxation. In our interiors, this is expressed in clear and uncluttered spaces. Restlessness makes way for relaxation. Summer flowers like lilies, dahlias or gladioli enhance the desired fresh look.


We are more flexible than before in how we use our house. Apart from being a place to live, we also use it to work, relax and exercise. How we use flowers in our homes is also changing; they move along flexibly with the changing space. It’s a good thing that vases are easy to move!


Flowers are an essential part of a healthy indoor space. To emphasise the uncluttered and flexible atmosphere, opt for uncomplicated bouquets or bowls of water with floating flowers. Why not use an XL-sized bouquet as a natural room divider to separate two rooms?