A good case for color in the garden

A good case for color in the garden

Surround yourself with the nicest colors: choose summer bulbs in pots. Colors really do have an effect on us, even if we aren’t aware of it. To feel at home in our environment, we try to surround ourselves with a combination of both warm and cool colors. But how can you add the nicest color combinations to your garden? The solution is quick and easy: lilies and calla lilies in pots.

Color: a personal choice

A dark room doesn’t encourage an upbeat frame of mind. On the other hand, a sunny yellow room can really lift the spirits. Using the right colors in an outdoor environment is at least as important as it is indoors. After all, summer is the time to enjoy yourself in the garden. Lilies and calla lilies are perfect for creating the most delightful color combinations because they are available in such a wide range of colors. But a color is a personal choice. To decide on the color that fits you best, here they are along with their associations.


Is having everything neat, clean, and tidied up your idea of bliss? Is your house always kept spic and span? If so, white is definitely your color. This is because the human brain associates white with cleanliness, brightness, transparency, purity and innocence. Pure white lilies and calla lilies are available as pot plants. Use them alone or combine them with varieties in other colors such as red, pink or yellow.


Are you one of those intense personalities that others so admire? Someone with energy to burn and not averse to a few amorous adventures? Then red is a match for your personality. Red is the most intense color, and research shows that this color can make you breathe faster and increases your blood pressure. Red is associated with energy and amorous thoughts. Lilies and calla lilies in pots come in every kind of red: from cool red to orange-red and from pale red to deep red. Red: enjoy it to the full!


Were you born to be creative? Are you the ultimate optimist who can always make something out of nothing? Then orange is your color! Orange is the most cheerful color and we associate it with happiness and vitality. Oddly enough, researchers say that this color stimulates the blood’s oxygen supply to the brain, so it stimulates our brain activity. So it really does get you up off the couch. Orange: it gets you going, warms you up, gets your creative juices flowing and makes you smile. Surround your garden with lilies and calla lilies in various shades of orange and be happy as a clam.


Do others describe you as sunny? Someone who flits through life without a care in the world? Then yellow is your color. Yellow is associated with the sun, happiness, joy and light-heartedness. Keep everyone happy and energized: fill your outdoor environment with yellow lilies and calla lilies in pot and let the sun shine in!


Are you a real outdoor person? Is a sense of serenity and balance important to you? If so, you’ll feel most at home with green. After all, green is associated with nature, harmony and growth. It’s a soothing color that inspires a feeling of stability and relaxation. The stems and leaves of lilies and calla lilies in pots are green, of course, but some calla lilies even have green buds. If you love green, that makes them twice as nice!


Are you a natural leader? Is standing on your own two feet the greatest feeling on earth? Then your color is purple. Purple is associated with independence, wisdom, power and creativity. Lilies and calla lilies in pots are available in the most intense shades of purple: from the softest lilac to a purple that’s almost black.


Would you describe yourself as loving and caring? And do others bathe in your positive glow? Then the perfect color for you is pink. Pink is the most feminine color and is associated with love, intimacy, caring and giving comfort. Create this positive feeling in your garden with lavish pink lilies and calla lilies in pots. Some lilies have enormous pink buds that open into flowers as big as your face!