A party: cake, bunting and lots and lots of lilies

A party: cake, bunting and lots and lots of lilies

Something to celebrate? Fill your home with vases full of brightly colored lilies. What better way to put everyone in party mode?

Anything goes!

A party actually starts out with choosing your flowers. So don’t hold back: pick out lots of large-flowered lilies in vivid colors to create a real spectacle. Well, maybe a few gladioli, too… Anything goes! These stunning combinations are exactly what you need for a party. Will it be a garden party? If so, add some luxuriant ornamental grasses or a few large, natural-looking branches to your floral creations for a touch of wilderness.

More on the elegant side

But maybe your taste runs more to traditional elegance… If so, choose radiant white lilies and arrange them in large white vases. All you need are the flowers, at most with some finely textured foliage or diaphanous grasses for a natural touch. Buy the lilies a few days before the party so that their buds have a little time to open and reveal their inner beauty (this way, the lilies will be at their prettiest during the party.)


A party requires large vases filled with eye-catching flowers in order to be noticed amid all the hubbub of a party. Choose party-proof vases that won’t topple over at the slightest shove, and place them in the middle of a table or on a side table against a wall. For an informal look, accompany the large vases with a few smaller ones filled with one or two flowers or some ornamental grasses. Then distribute more little vases with flowers all through your home: from entryway to kitchen. Time for the guests to arrive!

A few more ideas

If you have a few short-stemmed flowers left over, put them in a shallow bowl with just a little water. The more color, the more festive!
Is the weather nice? If it is, place a few large-flowered lilies outside to let your guests know where the party is happening.
Give all your guests (or just the children) a flower to take home.

Enjoy them after the party, too

After the party, you’ll naturally want to extend the enjoyment of the flowers you bought – and probably the ones you received, too. So simply follow these directions: trim about an inch from the stems, making sure that the cut is made at an angle, and remove any lower leaves that might fall below the surface of the water. Carefully clean the vase and fill it with fresh water. Your flowers will stay looking absolutely gorgeous!