A patchwork of flowers

A patchwork of flowers

Combining old things with new things is the latest thing and you can take this just as far as you want. So why not use beautiful flowers to make your own three-dimensional collage? It could be a creative starting point to giving your home a delightful new look.


With everything going on all around us in the areas of technology and politics, our world is becoming more and more exciting, but also more confusing and complex. We try to find solutions by connecting the old and the new. It’s like living in a collage that we create by cutting and pasting. In doing so, we shuffle all the pieces around and turn our familiar world upside-down.


The changing world in which we live is clearly reflected in how our indoor environments look. It’s also the perfect opportunity to apply your creativity. It’s time to rearrange all those pieces of the puzzle by stacking them up or shoving them together. Instead of thinking ‘neat and structured’, think ‘nonchalant and casual’. Flowers play an important role in this 3D collage. The most important color is bright yellow, but blue and red-orange will also do the trick.