A personal tribute with flowers

A personal tribute with flowers

In times of loss and grief, flowers help express our emotions. It is good to pay homage with a personal tribute that relates to the person who has passed on. Lilies, calla lilies, irises and gladioli are beautiful flowers for funeral arrangements that accentuate the memories one has of the deceased.


Because every person is unique, so is every funeral. Using colors, ornaments or pictures in a floral arrangement that relate to the deceased, provides a special feeling during a last farewell. Colors, for example, can evoke a fond memory. Including a picture or the initials of the deceased in a floral arrangement made of lilies can also make it personal. For a very special experience, you could decorate the burial site by hanging calla lilies and irises in little vases from ribbons, accompanied by framed pictures.

Various colors

Irises, calla lilies, gladioli and lilies are beautiful flowers for funeral arrangements because they can be both subdued and lavish. All four of these kinds of flowers are available in white, a serene color often used for funeral arrangements to symbolize purity. This makes a funeral bouquet composed of various kinds of flowers, each of which is pure white, a much appreciated and kind gesture of farewell. Lilies bound in the shape of a star with butterflies make a fine tribute. Flowers in other colors such as pink (tenderness) or blue (innocence or loyalty) could also be used depending on which would correspond best with the deceased.