A sense of space thanks to the colour contrast of flowers

Urbanisation encroaches on available living space. As a result, multifunctionality and a sense of space are important prerequisites for a home. Did you know that flowers can make your interior feel more spacious?


Due to the lack of space which leads to smaller homes, there is a great need for multiple functions in the same space. This creates layering in homes. What is so great about flowers is that they can make the interior feel less small and cramped.

A sense of space

To reinforce layering, you can create interlocking surfaces on walls and in wall and floor decorations. This playful effect makes the interior feel more spacious. Bulb flowers and pre-forced bulbs enhance this experience if you use them in places where you don’t expect them.

Colour contrast

The right use of colour is also essential if you want to increase the spatial effect. Robust colour contrasts such as light and dark, warm and cold and bright and greying are effective. One colour combination appears to come towards you while another moves away. Try it out for yourself.


Feel free to play with colour contrasts. Why not try combining pale-pink tulips and warm orange amaryllis with bright yellow hyacinths and bright-blue grape hyacinths. You will see that this application removes the flat and plain atmosphere and adds dynamism and a sense of space instead.