A waterfall of flowers on your balcony and patio

A sea of color on your balcony or patio in just a few minutes? All it takes are some sizzling lilies and elegant calla lilies in pots that are ready to bloom! A simple way to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful green environment. And you’ll be enjoying it all summer long.

A green oasis

A balcony or patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The fresh air and delightful sunlight will bring a smile to your face…as long as this is a nice place to spend a little time. Green surroundings make you feel good and give you twice as much pleasure. So don’t wait: it’s so easy to create your own little green oasis with lilies and calla lilies in pots. And their bounty of beautiful flowers adds a delightful touch of summer. Then it’s time to put your feet up, sunglasses on and just sit back and relax!

Suit your own personal taste

Lilies and calla lilies come in a wide range of shades. Choose them in delicate pastels or a mix of bright vivid colors. There’s no wrong or right to this; all that counts is your personal taste. Just be sure that they get enough sun. That’s what they love. Once they’re in their sunny spot, the result will be a flood of flowers. If you remove faded flowers, you’ll know that even more new ones will take their place. It’s like waking up to a waterfall of flowers each day.


If you want a balcony or patio with loads of charm and color, just follow these quick and easy tips.

  • Make sure that the pots and plant containers you use have holes in the bottom to allow any excess water to escape.
  • Place the calla lilies and lilies into the pots and/or plant containers.
  • Water them regularly so that the soil remains moist.