Accentuate your interior style with summer flowers

Flowers make you happy and they also help to add some style to your interior.


Every interior radiates a certain style. Scandinavian, bohemian or industrial; it doesn’t really matter. But you can accentuate your individual style, so that you feel right at home. You can do this with flowers. They create a connection with nature and turn your house into a home.

Seasonal flowers

During the summer season, seasonal flowers will give the greatest wow effect. Think gladioli, dahlias, lilies and callas. They grow with sunlight and heat. This not only makes them style-enhancing, but also reminds us of the sunny atmosphere outside.


You can present summer flowers in vases, but they can also accentuate your interior in pots or bowls. Choose flowers in soft shapes and shades, or striking ones if you prefer. You can do anything you like, as long as the flowers get enough water and they make you happy. Happiness is homemade!