An Easter full of colorful energy

An Easter full of colorful energy

Say no to lying on the sofa and eating chocolate eggs this Easter… Feel alive and full of energy this Eastertime! Throw away all those tacky decorations – it’s time to get active. Let yourself go with this new Easter trend – it’s stimulating and fun. Enjoy the Easter holidays in a very different way with colorful spring flowers.

Energy and relaxation

We all need time to relax, but an energetic, fresh Easter look in your home will inspire you with new energy at the same time. These harbingers of spring, like tulips, daffodils and Persian buttercups (ranunculus) are just what the doctor ordered. They will give your home a new look and new spring energy. That’s not only because of their bold, bright colors, but also because they will quietly release oxygen and purify the air in your home.


But how can you bring all that spring energy into your home? The bold colors of tulips, daffodils and Persian buttercups are the vital ingredient, in combination with white and black. Powerful lines, arrows and round shapes that are reminiscent of sports will add strength to that revitalizing look. For example, you could make a trophy by placing daffodil petals in a two-sided picture frame to make a truly beautiful and inspiring decoration. Or use natural flowers in combination with smooth, clean pots, vases, plates or shelves to give yourself a clear boost.