Be creative for your sweetheart!

Be creative for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day – the day of love – is coming up soon. February 14, is the perfect moment to pay special attention to the one you love. Coming up with a really personal gift can be pretty difficult. Red roses and a heart-shaped chunk of chocolate are nice but maybe a little too conventional for the one you love so dearly. So why not use a more original approach? Be creative for your sweetheart by choosing spring-flowering bulb flowers. After all, these are perfect symbols for Valentine’s Day. In addition to the traditional red, other trendy colors for Valentine’s Day are pink and white.

Less is more

A Valentine’s Day bouquet doesn’t always have to be spectacular as long as it comes from the heart. Small but sincere sometimes says more than enough. Take a few beautiful transparent vases with three different red and pink tulips in each one. Or just a single vase with a few red Ranunculus stems. Paired with a hand-written message, this is an intimate personal Valentine’s Day gift.

Stick it on a wall

Have some fun: imagine what you could do with a wall or window. Not difficult but definitely original. How surprised will your sweetheart be when he or she gets home and discovers this creation on the wall? First, select two or three spring-flowering bulb flowers such as tulips, grape hyacinths or ranunculuses in red and white. Then trim the stems to a short length and use adhesive tape with hearts on it to attach the flowers to the window or wall. Attaching a personal message on a card as part of the display makes it a warm and wonderful greeting. For extra dazzle, hang small pots or vases on the wall that hold more spring-flowering bulb flowers.

A delightful surprise

Giving a present is always nicer if it’s been wrapped first. For a few moments, while unwrapping your gift, your sweetheart is the centre of attention. Decorate a heart-shaped wooden box with a few spring-flowering bulb flowers. Be sure to use adhesive tape covered with little hearts. Do the same with a card with your personal message inside. After unwrapping the gift, its original contents are sure to be welcome.