Botanical Christmas gems

It’s the most wonderful time… Are you also looking forward to the most atmospheric time of the year? Flowers are the crowning glory for your Christmas decorations.

Greenery makes us happy

We live in a time when all we want is to surround ourselves with nature, simply because it makes us happy. The same is true at Christmas time. Bring nature closer with seasonal flowers like tulips and amaryllises. With these botanical Christmas gems, you will enjoy the Christmas atmosphere even more.


You can really get creative with tulips and amaryllises. Use them as a table decoration and put them on the Christmas table in small vases. Put a flower on each plate to give your guests a warm welcome. They are also very popular as a Christmas gift. You could also put a bouquet of mixed tulips in a vase.


You can enjoy fresh amaryllises for about ten days and tulips for a week or so. If you look after your flowers, you will enjoy them for even longer and the flowers will bloom even more beautifully. Put the flowers in water as soon as you can, cut the stems at an angle and put them in a spot away from fruit, direct sunlight or drafts.