Bridal bouquets with summer vibes

Is your wedding date coming up soon? If so, choose sunny summer flowers – fresh from the countryside – for your bridal bouquet. So romantic and ever so trendy!

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Your wedding day calls for flowers – lots of flowers. Their romantic fresh-from-the-countryside look makes summer flowers the perfect bridal flowers. What about a big bunch of flowers next to the entrance to your wedding venue, or a luxurious floral swag above the sign welcoming your guests? And little chair hangers (with flowers in tiny vases), small bouquets on the tables, a frame made of flowers for your photo booth… But the most important flowers, of course, are the ones in your bridal bouquet.

Casual & Lavish

Are you thinking about a breezy, casual atmosphere for your wedding day? Bohemian? Ibiza chic? Or maybe back-to-nature. The perfect answer would be a bouquet that looks as if you went picking your way through a sea of summer flowers, picking one or two of each. A nonchalant yet elegant look. Take a few big, billowy flowers like lilies (sumptuously sized flowers are the trend) and surround them in a cloud of baby’s breath. When it comes to color, there’s no need to hold back: go for a splash of bright summery colors, or select a range of pastels, perhaps with a vivid accent.

Modern & minimalistic

Maybe you prefer a sleek modern look. If this is your style, choose summer flowers in a striking shape and don’t add much else – at most, an elegant flowering twig or some beautiful foliage such as Eucalyptus. Lilies still in bud also provide a beautiful minimalistic look. Or combine lilies in both stages of maturity – still in bud and fully opened – for a stylish display. A little more color perhaps? If so, go for a single pastel color or a single vivid color. What could be prettier?

Flowers: check!

Choose a florist whose work reflects your own style. You can often tell this from the look of the shop or website. Many florists will also be found at Instagram (do a search using #bridalflorist, #bridalflowers, #bridalbouquet, etc.). Once you’ve found the perfect florist for you, don’t wait long to set up an appointment to discuss your bridal flowers – it’s one of the nicest things on your to-do list!


  • Lilies represent femininity, love and purity. This makes these summer flowers perfect for your bridal bouquet. You can choose from lilies in pure white, soft pastels or bright colors – with or without fragrance. The florist can advise you as to which lilies would provide the most beautiful look in your bridal bouquet.
  • You might want to collect pictures of bridal bouquets and floral decorations you like; Pinterest would be a good source. These would be useful to show to the florist who will provide your bridal flowers.