Bring in spring flowers for a breath of springtime!

Bring in spring flowers for a breath of springtime!

Just imagine: a carpet of snowdrops or fields full of daffodils. Such profusions of spring flowers can mean only one thing: spring is on the way! Yet even now, markets and shops are carrying a wide range of spring flowers. So why not bring a bit of springtime indoors?


Bulb flowers are the real harbingers of spring. After all, these are the first to put some colour – and new life – back into the landscape after a long, grey winter.

A fresh bouquet to give as a gift – or to keep and pamper yourself!

Anyone is sure to welcome a splendid bouquet of spring flowers as a gift. But a splendid bouquet also makes a wonderful treat for yourself. Nowhere else is there such a close relationship between people and flowers as there is in our country! And it’s always a treat to visit your own reliable florist – the one with the most beautiful dewy-fresh flowers.

Use the following tips to enjoy your bulb flowers day after day:

  • Fill a clean vase with fresh water in which you have dissolved the correct amount of nutrients for cut flowers.
  • Use a sharp knife to trim the stems at an angle, removing around two centimetres from their length. Also remove any leaves that would be submerged in the water.
  • Place the flowers in a generously sized vase. Neither flowers nor their stems like to be crowded.
  • Check the water level frequently.
  • Change the water if necessary, and retrim the stems at an angle.
  • Avoid draughts or heat sources.
  • Do not place the flowers near fruit since ripening fruit emits ethylene, a gas that accelerates the flowering process of cut flowers