Bring summer indoors with sunny informal bouquets

No wonder we spend so many hours outdoors in the summer – it’s time to soak up the warmth of the sun and enjoy our colorful flowers. But you can get that same feeling indoors with sunny informal bouquets. Flowers in dazzling colors will instantly brighten up any room and make it say ‘summer’.

Like nothing else

Real summer flowers like lilies, dahlias, calla lilies, irises and gladioli evoke that feeling of summer like nothing else. Just don’t arrange them all that precisely; the charm of these bouquets depends on their casual look. The impressive size and stunning colors of bulb flowers provide the perfect look. A vase full of these bulb flowers, with their natural splendor, rich choice of colors and heavenly fragrances, will conjure up the summer season wherever you put them.

Hot, hot, hot

Yellow and orange are the ultimate colors for suggesting the heat of summer. Perfect for those who love sizzling hot days and sultry summer evenings. Gladioli and lilies as well as dahlias, calla lilies and irises are available in these colors. Set against a simple white background, these summer bulb flowers make a real eye-catcher in any room.

Light-hearted elegance

Pink, salmon-pink and fuchsia are colors that always add a light-hearted look to their surroundings and highlight the elegant atmosphere we associate with summer. Super-sized dahlias and lilies easily proclaim the season in your home. Other smaller summer flowers do the same but in a much more subtle way.


  • Try arranging an informal summer bouquet in an especially striking vase such as one with a mother-of-pearl color or a spherical shape.
  • If your living space is somewhat smaller, arrange a few flowers in little vases for a spot-on summer look.