Bulb flowers for the finishing Christmas touch

Bulb flowers for the finishing Christmas touch

Christmas means everyone getting together for a wonderful time at home. For this occasion, the house is turned into an inviting little nest where family and friends can enjoy each other’s company during the holidays. And bulb flowers are the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas décor. They add that little extra touch that brings a warm natural feeling into any room.

The charm of understatement

You don’t always need a lot to make a big impression. All it takes is a few flowers to create a warm intimate place in your home. What about arranging a ranunculus, hyacinth and eucharis – all in the same color – in a small transparent glass? Accompanied by a little candle or a Christmas tree bauble for a real Christmas look.

Togetherness around the table

During the Christmas holidays, we spend a lot of time together around the table. So don’t miss this chance to make these moments even more special – with flowers. Use tiny vases and small flowers so as not to obstruct your guests’ views. Small delicate flowers such as Eucharis and Ranunculus make the dining table an inviting spot for good conversations and special moments. For a more luxurious look, a perfect choice would be a splendid Amaryllis in a little vase in the same color.

Colorful glamour

At Christmas, we can finally go all out with big impressive decorations and colors we use hardly if ever during the rest of the year. This gives us the chance to make a real eye-catcher. With several kinds of flowers in large vases, you just can’t miss. For a more elegant look, try a combination of pink lilies and calla lilies: splendid! For a cheer-me-up eye-catcher, use hyacinths, amaryllises and tulips in red and white.

A bunch of tulips

A bunch of tulips is a simple way of making any room inviting. A big bunch of tulips in a large vase brings a touch of nature and sunshine into a room. Within a few days, the stems of the tulips begin lengthening to create a graceful work of art that makes the flowers fascinating to watch from start to finish. Some pretty little Christmas candles or wooden Christmas stars and ‘it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas’.