Bulb flowers for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day means flowers – and lots of them! After all, nothing comes close to flowers as a declaration of love. Go ahead: be extravagant with your choice of dazzling tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and many more enchanting spring flowers. Celebrate love!

The colors of love

Red isn’t the only color associated with love anymore. Today’s flower trends are much more inclusive so there’s no reason to limit your choice. Pick what you like. Or even better: listen to your heart! Choose from the season’s most luscious flowers: from tulips to hyacinths, from daffodils to grape hyacinths. It’s the perfect way to create the most personal gift of flowers you could imagine. And including one or more red tulips could never be wrong!

Pure love

Anything’s possible – even when you keep it simple. What about a great big bunch of tulips in your sweetheart’s favorite color? That’s what we’d call pure love! A large vase filled with one or more kinds of daffodils would also make the perfect gift. Or choose beautiful bulb flowers all in a single color: blue irises, hyacinths and grape hyacinths. Stylish to say the least.

Give flowers instead of perfume

Sweetly scented spring flowers make your Valentine’s gift extra special. Hyacinths, for example, have an irresistible fragrance. These flowers can fill your sweetheart’s whole house with their spicy spring scent. Many daffodils – especially the ones with more than one flower per stem – are very fragrant. Let these seductively scented flowers seduce the one you love!

Make your love last

These spring flowers are also available as ready-potted bulbs. This makes it easy to fill up a big container. It’s like giving a garden full of flowers. Fun to give and fun to receive. And your Valentine will enjoy them even longer. If you’d like to make something yourself, fill some little jars or mugs with a single ready-potted tulip and give them to your favorite friends and relatives. A small gesture, but one that says a lot!