Bulb flowers: what are they?

The world of flowers is both colorful and colossal. And many of these delights are bulb flowers. But what are bulb flowers exactly, and what makes them so special?

How they grow

Cut flowers and bulb flowers: what’s the difference? A large group of cut flowers is composed of bulb flowers. These are flowers that are produced from a bulb, corm or tuber. This growth process is both unique and fascinating. This is because the flower is already hidden away in the middle of the bulb. A bud grows and emerges from its little bulb to produce one or more impressive flowers.

Seasonal flowers

Did you know that bulb flowers are real seasonal flowers? They really exemplify spring and summer. Some of them, however, are available all year round. This is because they are grown especially for you in greenhouses that mimic summer conditions. So… if you’d like to experience the seasons up close and personal, buy bulb flowers. Ilsysays is brimming with inspiration.

Spring flowers

Daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths are bulb flowers traditionally known as harbingers of spring. But the most famous one is the tulip. Once in a vase, tulips become a living work of art. Not only do their buds open but their stems continue to grow. This fascinating process starts as soon as they are brought into a warm house. The stems meander their way upward and then the buds finally open to display their cheerful color.

Summer flowers

Lilies, calla lilies, dahlias, gladioli and irises are real summer flowers. Dahlias and gladioli aren’t grown in greenhouses, so they are sold only during the summer. Fortunately, though, flower growers know how to get these bulb flowers into bud very early in the season. Lilies, calla lilies and irises, however, are available all year round. This means you can give your home a touch of summer at any time you want.

Good to know

Did you know that you can also buy pre-forced bulbs in pots? These are flower bulbs that have already been planted in pots. Since they have received a special treatment, they will start growing as soon as you bring them indoors. You can then watch the beautiful growth process from bulb to flower.