Can’t wait for spring? Bring tulips indoors

If spring can’t come soon enough, bring it indoors with tulips. Their dazzling colors give any room an instant breath of spring. Bye-bye winter blues, hello spring! Great for yourself and for cheering up someone else.

A nice surprise

You can do so many things with tulips: from arranging a bold bunch in your favorite color to an impressive bouquet that looks as if you went picking your way through a sea of wildflowers. And they not only come in many colors but in many shapes as well. The tulip season lasts until the end of May, so you have plenty of time to scout them all out. Why not surprise friends, neighbors and family sometime with a colorful bouquet of tulips? It’s a gift to make anyone happy!

Springtime arrangements

A vase full of tulips instantly gives you that look of spring. If you love flower arranging, you can do just about anything with tulips. What about a wishing-for-spring table arrangement using a vase bursting with yellow tulips accompanied by some cheerful accent items? Or create a real eye-catcher by placing a large and small vase of tulips side by side? When the sun comes out, too, that’s when it’s really spring indoors.

Support your local suppliers

We’re all aware of the importance of buying local products – from cheese to wine to anything else. Did you know that you can also buy locally grown tulips at shops near you? These come directly from the grower, so they’re fresher than fresh. This means you can enjoy them even longer. And it’s also a good feeling to know that what you’re buying is supporting your local businesses.


  • Place a bunch of tulips on your desk at home or at the office. Now, isn’t life great?
  • Cut the tulip stems at an angle before putting the flowers in the vase. This way, they can absorb water as they should.