Celebrate International Women’s Day with flowers

The interpretation of Women’s Day has become less political in recent years and is now dominated by motherhood, beauty and spring. On Women’s Day, support the important women around you with flowers as a sign of your appreciation.


Women’s Day is a day for men, and women among themselves, to show appreciation and love for women. Not only wives are surprised with flowers, but also girlfriends, mothers, sisters, nieces and school teachers. Every year, we celebrate womanhood in this way, by putting women all over the world in the spotlight. Join in and pay tribute to the most important women in your life with flowers.

The language of flowers

Flowers appeal to the imagination. Their unique shapes, colors and scents give every flower its own language. Express the appreciation that Women’s Day is all about with the symbolism of flowers. Choose flowers that represent strength and beauty, such as sleek yet gracefully shaped tulips or invincible, strong lilies. Let the flowers do the ‘talking’ for you.