Celebrate Mother's Day with an armful of beautiful flowers

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an armful of beautiful flowers

Mothers deserve the most beautiful flowers that Mother Nature has to offer: an armful of radiant lilies. Fresh from a field of flowers – as if you picked them yourself this very Sunday morning on Mother’s Day!

A fresh informal look

The look of flowers just plucked from a field of wildflowers makes anyone happy. And ‘picking’ lavish flowers like lilies is a great way to give you that freshly picked look. Choose lilies in just the right color (or a mix of colors) and create an absolutely stunning and simultaneously natural effect. For a luxurious informal bouquet – sure to impress – choose long-stemmed lilies. Your only concern now will be the weather: will you also be able to sit outside for a while on Mother’s Day? Enjoy!

Small is beautiful

What could be sweeter than a child coming indoors with a little bouquet for mom or grandma? Just a few lilies (chosen by the child and then trimmed and wrapped with a ribbon) make the perfect gift. To avoid pollen stains, choose pollen-free lilies, or spray the stamens with a little hairspray. Should some pollen accidentally fall onto clothing, carefully blow it off, remove it with a dry brush or, or simply blot it with a piece of adhesive tape.

Make it festive

Make Mother’s Day even more festive with a flower in your hair. Just a single flower – one for you and one for your mother – is enough for a stylish look and a sweet subtle perfume. So what will it be: will she wear it or just keep it in a vase?

Even more ways to use lilies

Lilies are so very versatile: a lavish bouquet in a vase will always look spectacular, but what about experimenting with the flowers by cutting them short and bunching them together in a pretty tray filled with just enough water? Choosing lilies in a bright mix of colors will create a real eye-catcher wherever you put them. It might be less easy to transport such an arrangement, but just wait and see how it will delight your mother!

Enjoy them as long as possible

Once you’ve purchased a wonderful bunch of lilies, you’ll naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible. So simply follow these directions: trim about an inch from the stems, making sure that the cut is made at an angle, and remove any lower leaves that might fall below the surface of the water. Carefully clean the vase and fill it with fresh water. And watch your lilies sparkle!