Celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers

Mother’s Day is the day we pamper all mothers generously. What better way to do so than with flowers?

Flowers speak for themselves

Your mother may well be the most important person in your life: someone who is always there for you, your rock and confidante. Put her in the spotlight on Mother’s Day by surprising her with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Seize the moment and let the flowers speak for you. Flowers sincerely say ‘I love you’ or ‘Thanks, Mum’, without words.


Which flowers will suit your mother best? Follow your instinct, because there are no flowers that won’t be appreciated. You could choose tulips, for example, in one or several colours. Daffodils are also cheerful messengers. If you want to create a wow effect, why not go for lilies, in red or pink, for example. These large flowers appeal to the imagination and will stay beautiful for a long time.