Cheer up with potted bulbs

Cheer up with potted bulbs

Why wait until the perennials in your garden reveal their first flowers of the season? Starting in February, when the garden is still half asleep, potted bulbs can transform it instantly into a colorful little Garden of Eden.


One of the most important reasons why springtime makes people so happy is the fragrance and color of fresh flowers. In one way or another, they simply put a smile on our faces. It’s no wonder, then, that sweetly scented potted bulbs like hyacinths and grape hyacinths also give us that delightful feeling.

Feeling of spring

Since the colors of hyacinths and grape hyacinths are prettiest against white, use white pots, baskets or even clogs as containers. The delicate little grape hyacinths are a perfect contrast to the larger, more robust hyacinths. And both have such a wonderful spicy fragrance. Decorative white doves are the perfect finishing touch. Time to welcome that wonderful feeling of spring!