Cheerful spring flowers – and they’re locally produced

What could be nicer than having spring flowers indoors when it’s springtime outdoors? But these flowers can even wave good-bye to winter before spring arrives! From January until the end of May, you can enjoy having daffodils, grape hyacinths, tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, Persian buttercups and many more spring flowers indoors.

Locally produced

Did you know that these spring flowers are produced from flower bulbs? The bulbs often come from the Netherlands. From there, they are sent to growers close to you. These local growers use them to produce flowers in a special process known as ‘forcing’. This involves planting them in pots and caring for them so that you can watch the bulbs bloom in your own home. Just give them a little water (not too much) and you’ll soon see the buds swell and open into cheerful crocuses or robust hyacinths. Many spring flowers are also scented: not only so that spring can be seen, but smelled as well!


If you like to buy regional products, these spring flowers are just the thing for you. Being locally produced makes them fresher than fresh. For an extended period of time you can enjoy a bowl of flower bulbs. Not only that, but you’ll also be supporting regional flower growers. That’s really nice to know!

Colorful flowers in your home

Would you also like to celebrate spring in your home? It’s not hard to do! Just create a cluster of various kinds of spring flowers in bowls or vases. They could all be the same color, but what about using different colors together? Spring flowers come in every color imaginable: from creamy white to deep purple and from canary yellow to sky blue.