Chilling with rugged bouquets

If you like flowers but are not a fan of standard, perfect bouquets, the Street Savage trend embodies raw street life. It is a rugged, industrial flower trend that is right at home in the urban scene. 

Street look

Based on imperfections and freedom, the Street Savage trend stands for anything but the standard picture. The bouquets reflect this in their unconventional style, with influences from the hip-hop scene and the street. The industrial accessories and vases are made from recycled materials. You can really chill with this street look.

Choice of flowers

Go all out with cool summer flowers like gladioli, lilies, dahlias, Eremurus and calla lilies. Choose powerful, vibrant colors to make your very own statement. No need to follow any rules; you can combine according to your own style. Painted materials accentuate strong contrasts. With these flowers, you can make your unique interior even more personal.