Christmas celebration with bulb flowers

Celebrate Christmas with bulb flowers! Cheerfully fragrant flowers such as tulips, amaryllis, hyacinths and buttercups are perfect for the job. Their lively shapes and refined Christmas colors will infuse your home with Christmas spirit, especially when combined with cheerfully colored pots or attractive Christmas decorations.


Various Christmas colors have been in vogue over the past years. Pastel colors, neon colors, bright colors – they all got their spotlight dance. But nostalgia maintains its permanent charm: traditional red and white in a modern outfit is immeasurably pleasing! Round it off with fresh pots and white or silver Christmas decorations. A touch of days gone by creates wonderful feelings.

Snow white

The color white, always highly popular around Christmas, symbolizes a number of things, including the snow that the cold season brings. Outside, the weather is bleak and cold, but indoors, things are warm and cozy. White bulb flowers such as tulips, buttercups, amaryllis and hyacinths look absolutely gorgeous in grey or matching white pots – it emphasizes the pure, white flowers. Add some artificial snow, a Christmas star or some Christmas lights, and you’ll have a wellspring of pure Christmas feeling.