Crazy about flowers?

Crazy about flowers?

Are you one of those people that gets such a kick out of flowers? Psychologists at Rutgers State University in New Jersey think they know why. It appears that flowers evolved to tempt people with their colors and fragrances…

Flowers tempt people into spreading their pollen

According to an article in Quest, a Dutch magazine, this is because flowers “see” us as potential “couriers” for their pollen. Flowers want to seduce us – like they do with bees – with their charms to get us to work for them. In our case, this means picking or transplanting them. With this in mind, it’s only natural to give in to that mysterious impulse to treat yourself to a pretty bunch of flowers.

Harmonious flowers

And once you really give in to that impulse, don’t hold back. Go ahead: indulge yourself with a delightful bunch of trendy spring bulb flowers like tulips and ranunculuses. Harmony is key in this case. It’s all part of today’s trend towards a desire for unity. To create harmony, use circles. After all, they symbolize eternity, completeness and contentment. In looking for circles, consider the shape of your bouquet, its flowers, and the vase you select. Then, sit back and enjoy a sense of eternally complete contentment in your own home!