Create moments of happiness with summer flowers

What we need now are moments of happiness. As many and as long-lasting as possible. With their soft, warm colours and natural shapes, flowers are perfectly up to the job.

Me time

There is so much going on in the world that creates feelings of doom and gloom. In response, it’s nice not to have to think about anything for a while. We are longing for kindness, trust and recognition. This ‘humanity’ is now more important than ever, and is reflected in the ‘Human Touch’ trend. With summer flowers, you can stimulate your senses in a good way and create delightful me time without any stress.

Intimate and cosy

Stop the clock with summer flowers like dahlias, lilies, gladioli and callas. Use them in round shapes; this will give your interior a spacious and welcoming feel. The colours in this trend are warm: from salmon pink to soft orange, with lilac and ochre yellow as accent colours. The colours vary from light to dark. Combining imperfect and organic shapes with soft textures creates the desired intimate and cosy atmosphere.