Decisive with flowers

Colourful, contrasting flowers that playfully present themselves in the home show that you stand for something. Which cheerful bouquets will you display in your home?

Showing true colours

In today’s fast-changing world, we all have individual ideals. We want to be heard and seen. This is reflected in the ‘Recentered Stage’ trend. With this trend, you can show your points of view, by literally showing your true colours. And what better way to do so than with flowers? By using flowers in your interior, you can show in an instant that you have decisiveness.


Take a stand with powerful summer flowers. Large-flowered lilies and dahlias go well with this, combined with gladioli and Nerine. Use them in contrasting colours. The palette consists of soft pastel shades with lively colours added, such as yellow, terracotta, blue and purple. Display the flowers in vases or bowls, playfully on a pedestal, as if they were on a stage. Spice things up with arch and stair shapes and geometric shapes.