Discover the world of the lily

Discover the world of the lily

‘If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily’. What a wise lesson we can learn from the lily! It teaches us to look for happiness in the beauty of nature. Discover the world of lilies!

Mind and soul

According to a Chinese saying, ‘If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily’. It means that we can find happiness not only in fulfilling our basic needs but also in experiencing the beauty of nature. To feel happy, we need this just as much as we need to supply ourselves with the necessities of life such as food and drink. The lily can give pleasure to your mind and soul.

A special messageLilies are associated with so much symbolism that it makes these flowers perfect as a gift for a special occasion or to emphasize a personal message.

  • Femininity: in Greek and Roman times, a bride would receive a crown of lilies in the hope that she would have many children.
  • Love: in the Victorian period, a woman would receive a sweetly scented lily from her lover.
  • Purity: white lilies are often used as decorations at weddings to symbolize virginity and purity.
  • Mortality: the serenity that lilies suggest helps express the emotions associated with loss and grief.

Lily varieties

Lily breeders hybridize lily varieties back and forth to develop new ones that are different or better. They might be after lilies without pollen, lilies with a longer keeping quality, fragrance-free lilies, lilies with an exceptional color, or lilies with a special scent. So many new varieties have been created that the assortment of lilies is absolutely huge. So huge, in fact, that you could find it all a bit confusing. That’s why we are introducing you to the three most familiar groups of them:

Oriental lily

The long stems and imposing flowers that can easily be 8 inches across have no trouble in producing a wow effect in a room! Not only are there Oriental lilies in white, pink, red and lilac (and all the combinations of these colors) but they are also known for their sweet lily fragrance. There are even double-flowered Oriental lilies that have an extra row or more of six petals each.

Asiatic lily

Asiatic lilies are perfect when you want one in a very specific color. They range from deep purple to creamy white and can be spotted, solid in color, or display more than one color on a single flower. They have it all! Asiatic lilies have no fragrance, so this makes them perfect for people who love lilies but not the typical lily scent. Compared with Oriental lilies, Asiatic lilies produce smaller flowers on shorter sturdier stems. Something else, too: this group also includes many double-flowered varieties!

Longiflorum lily

Have you ever heard of trumpet lilies? This is another name for Longiflorum lilies. Longiflorum lilies are shaped like a horn and grow facing outward from their stem – just like a trumpet! These varieties are the real photo models of the flower world: their slender graceful stems can be 60 inches in length, and their white flowers are the picture of elegance. They have a delicately sweet lily fragrance which is stronger at night – just enough to announce their presence.

To enjoy lilies as long as possible

If you buy or receive a gorgeous bunch of lilies, make sure you can enjoy them as long as possible. Cut off about an inch of the stem at an angle, and remove any leaves that might otherwise be below the water level in the vase. Clean the vase thoroughly and fill it with fresh water. Your lilies will look amazing!