Double-flowered Oriental lilies: more than beauty alone

Would you like to have grand yet elegant flowers that make a real statement in your home? If so, double-flowered Oriental lilies can do so with ease. In addition to their beauty, they also have another nice bonus in store for you. Most of them produce no pollen!

No wonder they’re so appreciated

In just a few years, double-flowered Oriental lilies have become incredibly popular. There are good reasons for this. Not only are they impressive to look at – when the enormous flower bud opens, the flower resembles a rose – but they produce few if any pollen stains, have a milder fragrance, and have an even longer vase life.


You can recognize these popular double-flowered Oriental lilies by their impressively large double flowers. They have no fewer than 12 and up to 36 petals. And their range of colors keeps expanding. In addition to the pinks and white, you can now find them in yellow, orange, and combinations of these colors.


Once you have a bunch of these double-flowered lilies, you’ll want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Follow these tips, and you can’t go wrong:

  • Make sure that the vase is absolutely clean.
  • Fill it with cold water and add liquid floral preservative (if you have a powdered flora preservative, use lukewarm water instead of cold to help the powder dissolve).
  • Remove any leaves from the stem that would be submerged in the water. Otherwise, they would begin to rot and encourage bacteria to grow in the water.
  • Trim the stems at an angle and place them immediately in the water.
  • Change the water frequently. As long as it remains clear, this means little if any bacterial growth that would shorten the vase life of your flowers.
  • Place the vase in a spot where you can get the most enjoyment from your double-flowering lilies. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from a radiator.