Double lilies: perfect for your bridal bouquet!

If you are getting married soon, it’s time to choose the flowers for your bridal bouquet! How about double lilies without pollen? They look stunning in your bridal bouquet and also in the decorations on your special day.

Surprising color palette

Double lilies are available in brilliant white and several shades of pink: from very soft pastel to statement magenta. Have we piqued your interest? Double lilies have no stamens, and therefore no pollen. This is what makes them so perfect for bridal flowers (no unsightly pollen stains on your dress). Their scent is ever so subtly floral – just right!

Lush & minimalist

If you want to get married in a romantic atmosphere, why not combine double lilies with flowers of the season, like tulips in the same tint in spring, or dahlias in summer and autumn. The more rich in flowers, the more romantic your bridal bouquet will be. If you prefer a minimalist look, opt for a tight bundle of double-flowered lilies with long stems (without leaves). For bridesmaids, one flower in their hair or a small flower arrangement looks very cute.

From backdrop to table decorations

You can let the flowers you choose for your bridal bouquet come back in the decoration of the wedding venue. You could use double lilies in a backdrop for the ceremony hall, for example. Or lily bouquets to decorate the seats along the aisle… In the hall (or tent), you could place large vases filled with double lilies. And don’t forget to decorate the welcome sign with flowers. If you have planned a dinner, place one double lily on each plate. So festive!

Bridal trends

Bridal bouquets in soft pastel shades are still very trendy. It looks very romantic, after all! The understated wedding is a recent trend: think white table linens and white lilies – beautiful in all their simplicity. Above all, you should choose what you both like. The most important trend is: make your wedding day personal!