Easter eggs, Easter brunch, Easter flowers!

Hiding Easter eggs, enjoying Easter brunch with family: for many people, Easter is the perfect time to be together and decorate the house with fun items like Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and cheerful spring flowers.

Cheerful Easter atmosphere

Easter is often associated with celebrating the arrival of a new season: spring! Bulb flowers and pre-forced bulbs are a perfect choice for this season. Since flowers always bring a sense of joy and freshness, they are a brilliant way to welcome spring into your home. The combination of the cheerful yellow of the flowers and the fresh green leaves gives a really ‘Happy Easter’ vibe.

Spring flowers

Use bulb flower like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, grape hyacinths and crocuses to decorate your home. Put them in cheerful vases or baskets and display them all around the house. For a festive touch, add some Easter eggs and other Easter decorations.

Tips for Easter:

  • If you are invited to someone’s house at Easter, why not gift a beautiful pot of hyacinths or a basket of grape hyacinths?
  • If you want to add other colors besides yellow, you can alternate it with other colors of flowers, but make sure yellow plays first fiddle.
  • Easter activity: have children decorate their own flower pot and put their favorite pre-forced bulbs in it.
  • You can make Easter brunch or Easter dinner extra special by using bulb flowers for your centerpiece. A colorful flower arrangement in the center of the table sets a lovely Easter atmosphere.

Enjoy the arrival of spring in your home, the sense of togetherness and all the coziness it brings. Happy Easter!