Easter trend: nature with a high-tech touch

Instead of the traditional Easter eggs on a branch, the way to decorate the home this year is with plants and flowers in futuristic colors. It’s the perfect combination of high-tech and the world of nature. Natural Easter decorations in utopian colors provide exactly what we want during the Easter holidays: springtime energy. 


The interest in everything green is growing by leaps and bounds: we love being surrounded by flowers and plants. We’re especially curious about the stories behind flowers and plants. What are their names? Where do they come from? What does history say about them? Members of the plant kingdom have a way of keeping us from getting too swept up in the rapid advances of technology. It’s this kind of balance between body and mind that makes flowers and plants invaluable at Easter.


Bulb flowers and pre-forced bulbs in pots are perfect for this green trend. That’s because these energy-boosters are available in the most utopian colors. Flowers displaying an exciting gradation of color or ones with strong color contrasts are absolutely essential for Easter decoration. Do a little experimenting with them and create that look of the future for Easter this year. It’s a look that suggests stability when we’re being confronted with an increasingly faster wave of technology.