Embrace the summer: celebrate it with flowers!

Color and fragrance

You know what it’s like: flip-flops on your feet, the sun on your face, and lazing in a hammock in the garden. Absolute bliss, right? There’s another way to get that free-as-a-bird feeling: put summer flowers in a vase. A colorful bouquet cheers you up like a ray of sunshine. Together with its delightful scents of summer, this bouquet greets you with a smile time after time.

Summer in a vase

To enhance that feeling of summer, go for an informal bouquet. This is a casual arrangement of various kinds of summer flowers that you can create yourself or have a florist do it for you. But maybe you’d like a more formal look. In this case, select several flowers of a single variety and arrange them at the same height in a vase. Or create a more whimsical look by filling a number of small vases with two or three varieties of summer flowers.


Dahlias, calla lilies, gladioli, lilies and nerines: all are typical summer flowers. Just one of them in a bouquet fills a room with summer sunshine. Each and every one sparkles with energy. Choose them in various shades of pink and purple and then add some white ones. To accentuate their colors, arrange the flowers in matching vases.

• To create an airy whimsical look, try adding some fresh or dried grasses to a bouquet.
• For something different, attach summer flowers to a painting. (Keep them fresh by first inserting them into a flower tube or mini-vase filled with water.)
• Stacking is a trend these days. So, how about placing a vase in a fruit basket or arranging various little vases on a platter?