Enjoy lilies, even outside the summer season

You can fully enjoy lilies in other seasons than summer. Why not bring a bunch of happiness into your home!


Lilies naturally tend to grow in the summer. But did you know they are available year round? That’s because lily growers mimic summer in their greenhouses. As a result, the bulb thinks it is warm and sunny, and grows into a beautiful flower, which we can enjoy in the house.

Home happiness

Accentuate the seasons by choosing lilies in season-enhancing colours. Think light shades for flowers in spring, cheerful and bright shades in summer and warm autumn shades in autumn. In winter, white and red are the perfect colours for the holiday season. They bring bliss into your home in every season.


If there is one flower that is versatile, it has to be the lily. They come in elegant smaller flower sizes to impressively large, with compellingly long or dainty shorter stems, in monochromatic or multicoloured petals, with single or double flowers and with or without pollen and/or scent. Choose whatever makes you happy!

Care tips:

  • Cut three to five centimetres off the flower stems at an angle with a sharp, clean knife. This will optimise water absorption.
  • Do not allow leaves to hang in the water, as they will rot and make the water dirty.
  • The ideal spot is away from drafts, direct sunlight, heating and fruit bowls.