The scent of lilies or their pollen stains are no longer issues

The scent of lilies or their pollen stains are no longer issues

Did you know that lilies have a simply fantastic image? Research has shown that these beauties are famous for their color, fragrance and elegance. Even so, we sometimes deprive ourselves of the pleasure lilies can give because we worry about pollen stains or their scent. But hard-working plant breeders have come up with just the right solutions.


Many people absolutely love the sweet fragrance of lilies, but some dislike it to the point of avoiding them, even though they see them as beautiful. Fortunately, the hybridizing of lilies has resulted in a series of fragrance-free varieties. But which ones are they? Lilies are categorized into three groups: the Asiatic lilies, the Longiflorum lilies, and the Oriental lilies. The fragrance-free lilies are found in the Asiatic group. As compared to the other groups, Asiatic lilies have somewhat more delicate flowers and are available in the widest range of colors and color combinations. So, if you want to enjoy lilies but not smell them, you know exactly what you should ask for where you buy them.

First aid for pollen stains

They say that prevention is better than cure. To prevent pollen stains, you have a choice of three options. Buy lilies without pollen, or, for lilies with stamens, snip off their stamens or spray them with hairspray. In the unlikely event of pollen finding its way to your clothing, sofa or floor covering, no need for panic! Just don’t give in to your first reaction to rub or scrub the pollen with a damp cloth: this will only set the stain and make matters worse. Better solutions: blow on the pollen, use a dry brush to whisk it off, let the spot dry in the sun, or remove the pollen by lightly going back and forth over it with a piece of adhesive tape.

Double-flowered for twice the benefits

Did you know that there are double-flowered lilies? There are cultivars in both the Asiatic and Oriental groups that have 12, 18 or 24 petals instead of the usual 6. They also have another special feature: they produce no pollen. For you, that means twice the benefits: no fragrance and no pollen stains.

To enjoy them as long as possible

If you buy or receive a gorgeous bunch of fragrance-free or pollen-free lilies, make sure you can enjoy them as long as possible. Cut off about an inch of the stem at an angle, and remove any leaves that might otherwise be under the water level in the vase. Clean the vase thoroughly and fill it with fresh water. Your lilies will look stunning!