Floral decorations at Easter

If you love flowers, you cannot go without at Easter time. They bring cheerfulness and the sense of new beginnings: spring is on its way!

Easter atmosphere

For a successful Easter weekend, you will need a few key elements: togetherness, dyeing eggs, decorated Easter branches and of course spring flowers to enjoy. Flowers are excellent at setting the mood. A bunch of colourful flowers will brighten up your entire house. Potted bulbs also bring plenty of atmosphere. Use spring flowers as table decorations, or put them in other parts of your interior.

Easter colour

Yellow is a typical Easter colour. It is the colour of the sun, which will hopefully show its face again after the dark winter months. This is why yellow flowers are extremely popular at Easter time. Think of yellow tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or buttercups. Easter decorations also come in other colours, of course. You could also use spring bloomers in pastel shades, for example.


If someone invites you over during the Easter holidays, fresher-than-fresh spring flowers make the ideal gift. That’s because flowers naturally bring joy with their beautiful colours, various shapes and wonderful fragrance. They will give the lucky recipient that budding spring feeling we all long for. Happy Easter!