Flower arranging for Easter

Flower arranging for Easter

Plants are emerging from their winter sleep, the air is scented with springtime and, best of all, Easter is almost here. Plenty of reasons to brighten up your home with flowers in radiant spring colors. Golden daffodil yellow, fresh green and blossomy white: bring them on!

Like a breath of spring

From a single stem to a big vase just bursting with flowers. Bulb flowers are a quick and easy way to give your home that look and feel of springtime – perfect for Easter! Yellow bulb flowers create a bright, sunny Easter look. After all, the color yellow will cheer you up and get you out of that easy chair. For a more subdued look, choose white flowers – fresh as springtime – and combine them with silvery-gray accessories.

DIY: A new twist on Easter branches

An arrangement of Easter branches is simply part of Easter. If you think this is old-fashioned, however, think again! They’re right back in style. To make one, start with a nice big vase, preferably glass. Fill the bottom with some water and put some twisted Easter branches in it. Among these branches, arrange long-stemmed bulb flowers such as yellow Persian buttercups and white tulips. Or limit the color scheme to just a single color. Finish it off with matte black Easter decorations.

Like a botanical illustration

The basis of each bulb flower is its bulb, so why not show it off as well? To create this effect, place each hyacinth with its bulb still attached into small glass vases that reveal the bulbs and their roots. It adds a botanical touch to your house. Almost all bulb flowers are available as ready-potted bulbs that you can place either indoors or outdoors, such as on a garden table. Using them is a nice way to connect the indoors with the outdoors.

The Easter table

Celebrating Easter together calls for a beautifully decorated dining table. A vase of spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, Persian buttercups, hyacinths or grape hyacinths provides just the right touch. Will you choose brightly colored bulb flowers to create a lavish dining table? Maybe you’d rather keep the look more subtle by using white bulb flowers combined with black and white accessories and table linens with graphic patterns.

DIY ideas

  • Make a flower still life in an Easter theme by filling a plate or bowl with items like colored Easter eggs and individual spring flowers, for instance. Then casually arrange your still life somewhere like in a hall, in your home office or next to your bed.
  • For a change, arrange ready-potted flower bulbs in a tall vase so that the flower bulbs barely peek out above the rim. If the pot holding the flower bulbs sinks too far below the rim, raise it up by using a little upside-down flower pot or pebbles.