Flower to the people

Flower to the people

Rules? What rules? Don’t let rules rule your life. Discover flower power and that feeling of freedom you’ve been looking for.


Are you feeling it, too? How the government and big companies seem to be getting more and more powerful without us even noticing? Think, for example, about companies like Facebook and Google. Or what about the government’s patronizing approach? Slowly but surely, more and more rules are being imposed. What’s happened to our freedom? We can feel this limitation of our freedom, but setting ourselves free is almost impossible because we’re dependent on the whole system. But the key word here is ‘almost’. Within the walls of our own home, we can use flower power. Let your voice be heard: make a statement.

Flowers make a statement

In your own house, you can do as you please because this is one place where none of those rules apply. Turn your back on the hardening attitudes of mainstream society and make your statement with any – yes, any – materials you can find. Most important: don’t throw anything away because recycling is a way of asserting your break from the throw-away society. Black, red and maroon are especially good choices. Flowers reinforce your message of freedom.