Flowers as a buffer between chaos and peace of mind

Three garden trends are being forecast for 2020: Inner Retreat”, “Blended Cultures” and “Street Savage”. Discover the role bulb flowers can play in “Inner Retreat”, the trend in which flowers contribute to making us healthier.


Last year, we were just on the verge of new developments. Now, however, we are engulfed in a real technological revolution. Such a major transition leads to tension; people often feel that a change involves losing something instead of opening up bright new horizons. The degree to which some people fear the future and others welcome it differs enormously.

Tug of war

For some of us, this new future can’t arrive fast enough while others have a hard time dealing with the stress. Both situations involve a kind of tug of war: either attraction or resistance. Even so, all of us will eventually embrace these technical innovations that we might have feared at first. New technology magically attracts us to a new world that looks better and brighter.

Taking charge

The paradox of attraction to a new world and resistance to change can be seen in how people are being motivated to react in so many ways. We’re responding by our commitment to developing new initiatives characterized by their capacity to solve problems. This gives us a sense of control that lets us dare to dream again.


The world is like one big computer screen: watching it can be overwhelming. It’s like information overload, but we can’t do without it. How can we return to “health”? How can we reduce stress, enjoy life and encourage our sense of well-being? Plants and flowers serve both literally and figuratively as a buffer between the turbulent and highly demanding “world out there” and our need for peace of mind.

Off time

After spending so much time “on”, we need time to relax and look at the bigger picture. Flowers and plants contribute to making our lives as pleasant as possible because they are good for us and reduce stress. So take it easy and treat yourself to something nice: bulb flowers like tulips, hyacinths, amaryllises and grape hyacinths. Nature possesses special powers.

Filtering reality

The most important goal in flower arranging for this trend is creating a sense of tranquility. To do this, place flowers in semi-transparent and matte vases that emphasize the softness of light pastel-colored flowers. The effect is like looking at reality through a filter. Select flowers that have a soft, soothing look. Vases with abstract images provide a personal touch.