Flowers bring summertime indoors

Flowers make you smile! And summer flowers give you even more: that wonderful feeling of letting you enjoy the season inside your own home. Did you know they can make any room more inviting?

Enhancing the look

Summer flowers can add beauty and elegance to any interior. Whether your home has a bold, serene or casual character, they have just what it takes to reinforce that feeling. But what are summer flowers exactly? These are the flowers at their most dazzling during the summer months. Good examples are dahlias and gladioli. Some of them – like lilies and calla lilies – are grown in greenhouses to meet the demand for them. By simulating a warm climate, these flowers become available not just during the summer months, but all year round.


Does your home project a sense of serenity? If so, summer flowers in light delicate pastels will enhance its serene character. It’s as if your living room acts as insulation against outside impressions and lets you bathe in calmness. Flowers with round shapes like lilies, dahlias and calla lilies enhance the desired sense of tranquility. The result is an almost ceremonial quality. Use matte or transparent vases or ones featuring little squares, stripes or dots with a bit of sparkle here and there. These will set off the flowers to perfection…and let you unwind.


If perfection isn’t your thing, but a sense of freedom is, you’re not the only one! Imperfection is the new standard. To get it, you’ll want to combine vintage with new while focusing on street influences from the hip-hop scene like graffiti. Summer flowers enhance your urban look even more by adding life and a bit of fireworks. And forget about any rules for using flowers: the more imperfect, the better. Put your brightly colored flowers in vases decorated with bold pictograms or stripes to set off the look of imperfection…to perfection.


Are you firmly mainstream with a fascination for different cultures? If this is you, your home has a casual inviting look that combines things from both near and far away. You could enhance this impression with various summer flowers in a whole range of bright eye-catching colors. Why not arrange gladioli with lilies? Accent items or hand-crafted vases painted with funny faces bring the whole look together. Your bouquet of summer flowers adds just that casual colorful touch you want to achieve