Flowers for no reason – a great mood lifter!

No reason: possibly the best excuse to give someone a bouquet. With colourful bulbous flowers, from dahlias to gladioli, a spontaneous bouquet can instantly bring great joy. Who will you cheer up with a summer bouquet?

Happy faces

Flowers are guaranteed to result in happy faces. With the recipient and yourself alike, because giving makes you happy, too. The cheerful look of summer bulb flowers, with their popping colours, reinforces that effect. Examples include lilies, calla, dahlias and gladioli. All these bulb flowers have a very special character, and combined they are the epitome of summer.

Instant atmosphere

Summer bulb flowers look stunning in a mono bouquet in one or more colours. A mix of flowers with different shapes always works well; you can’t take your eyes off them. Think of lilies with their lush flower shape combined with sleek calla. Or choose over-the-top dahlias. With such a stunning summer bouquet, you instantly bring a nice atmosphere into your home! For more bouquet ideas, visit

Care tips

Of course, you will want to enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible. That is why we have listed several tips below to make the bulb flowers shine even longer:

  • Cut off a piece of the stems and remove the lower leaves if necessary (to prevent leaves hanging in the water).
  • Arrange them in a squeaky-clean vase with clean water and cut flower food.
  • Regularly fill up the water in the vase. Bulb flowers are rather thirsty, especially on summer days.

Tip! In summer, why not display a bouquet on your garden table (in the shade). It looks ever so cheerful!