Flowers for Women’s Day

Every year on 8 March, on International Women’s Day, people all over the world celebrate the women in their lives. Many people give women flowers on that day, according to tradition.

Flower symbolism

The history of International Women’s Day goes back more than a century. The sense of solidarity and militancy of women all over the world is central to this. On 8 March 1946, the mimosa flower became the symbol for this day in Italy. Over the years, people have continued to give flowers. The mimosa flower carries this special meaning, but other flowers are also used to convey the same message. The tulip is one of these flowers.

Own language

Flowers may not talk, but they do speak for themselves. If you look at a flower closely, you can ‘hear’ what they say. Love, joy, warmth, gratitude… Flowers have an effect on people. Take tulips, for example. With their unique shapes, special colours and subtle scents, they speak their own language. ‘Say’ it with tulips by giving them to the women who have an impact on your life