Flowers: greatly appreciated

Sustainability is playing an increasing role in our lives. Recycling and upcycling have become the new normal. The part played by green material has become just as important as the other design elements. Read here about how this trend – known as ‘The Balanced Biotope’ is being applied to flowers.

A helping hand

We are becoming more and more aware of what is going right and wrong with various areas of our lives such as the climate crisis, social inequality and the growing gap in attitudes between the various generations. This is where we want to do our bit with respect for people and our planet.


Being a consumer these days isn’t what it used to be; today, recycling and using products from the second-hand store are simply commonplace. Renting and borrowing things is in, and green is being designated a greater role. But it should be produced in a sustainable way from biobased materials.

Indoor flower gardens

For the trend ‘The Balanced Biotope’, flowers presented in organic designs are greatly appreciated. As part of this, the indoor flower garden is a new phenomenon; not just one but several vases of flowers and pre-forced bulbs in pots are clustered together to adorn a living space that makes you feel connected with nature.

Creating a maker’s mentality

For an indoor flower garden, use irregularly shaped flowers with a bold industrial look. Combine natural yellow-greens such as olive green, moss green and lime green with industrial blue and brick red. Include weathered branches with leaves to create the right ‘maker’s mentality’.