Flowers make your house a home

Not everyone is a natural at creating a nice atmosphere in their house. But flowers improve the atmosphere in any home. They bring cheer, color and life to your home.


The most important thing about your house is that you feel at home in it. It should be a place where you are in control, and a safe haven. It should make you feel connected and be an extension of your identity. Only then will you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that we call ‘feeling at home’. Summer flowers can enhance this feeling, because they highlight your interior design style.


The wonderful thing about summer flowers is that they come in all sorts of colors, shapes and lengths. Dahlias come with tight, round heads or as elegant ray flowers. Gladioli bring diversity with their elongated ears. Lilies make an effortless natural statement. And calla lilies bring sophisticated flair. Exactly what you need to turn your house into a home.


  • Use a clean vase. If your vase still contains bacteria from the previous bouquet, this will affect the new flowers.
  • Cut the flowers at an angle before putting them in the vase. This ensures that the surface of the underside of the stem is larger, so the flowers can absorb water optimally.
  • Make sure none of the leaves are under water. Bacteria can easily multiply on leaves, causing stems to rot and flowers to wilt.
  • Change the water regularly, because flowers brighten up with clean water.
  • Put flowers in the right spot. They will not last as long in a draughty area or near ripe fruit.