Flowers understand women

Flowers understand women

Did you know that women constitute 50% of the world’s population? Most likely, yes. But did you also know that they only earn 10% of the global income and that 66% of all illiterates are female? Every year on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day is celebrated to support their willpower and to show solidarity. Women all around the world are put in the spotlight to show them support. So treat your mother, girlfriend or wife to a tasty breakfast in bed, do some chores, and… surprise her with an extravagant bouquet of flowers. That’s sure to make her happy!

Flower whisperer

Flowers may not be able to talk, but they do speak to the imagination. Take a close look at flowers, and you’ll hear their message. Love, joy, warmth, gratefulness… flowers touch something in women. You don’t have to be a flower whisperer to understand what flowers are saying. Due to their unique shapes, exceptional colors and pleasant perfumes, flowers have a language of their own.


  • Giving amaryllises as a gift? This flower does not only represent enchanting beauty; you’re also telling her that you’re proud of her.
  • Hyacinths represent dedication and beauty, as well as joy and gentle love.
  • A bouquet of tulips represents life and fertility. And all tulips have an additional meaning that depends on their color: the yellow tulip, for instance, symbolizes a radiant smile!


Does the woman whom you’re surprising have a favorite flower? That makes things easy, then. But if you don’t know what kind of flowers to give, step into a florist’s and feast your eyes! Perhaps you know her favorite color, and you could use that to make a cheerful spring bouquet. Alternatively, how about a mixed bouquet? Have your floral gift festively wrapped, and ask your florist to attach your (self-made) card or drawing to it.