Flowers with human character

Human kindness and respect for the environment are important ideals in today’s world. People are looking for products with a personal story to tell. Here’s more information about this trend – ‘The Human Touch’ – and how it’s being applied to flowers.

The need

Technological progress and climate issues are what’s behind our need for more friendliness and human kindness. It’s not just our privacy that’s becoming more invaded, but also the fact that the progress being made in artificial intelligence is making us feel like we’re giving up control of our lives. Climate issues in the form of rising temperatures are also inspiring fear.

The search for meaning

We are increasingly feeling the need for human kindness in the form of empathy and soothing sensory perceptions. We attach great value to meaning and want to identify what being human actually means. The logical result of this is that we are looking for products and brands that fill this need: products with a human character so that we can think of them as being sweet, nice and friendly.

Interpreting the trend

In the case of flowers, The Human Touch expresses the warmth of human interaction and intimacy. Eye-catching bouquets in a range of warm colors are appreciated. These warm colors – with a bit of lilac added – project a friendly feeling that quickly puts people at ease. To support local shops and producers, we prefer to sell our products at convenience stores.

Harbingers of spring

During the months leading up to spring, bulb flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips as well as fritillaries and Persian buttercups make welcome harbingers of spring. This trend combines flowers having both soft and more crisply defined contours. Imperfection and human details are very much in evidence and so is the use of one color in various shades.